DC Generators Design & Manufacture

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STS design and build generators and motor-generator sets for a range of applications including:

Magnet lifting generators for steel processing

  • Low voltage generators for industrial and military applications
  • DC/DC convertors

STS also supply trunnion mounted dynamometers for automobile engine test facilities and a variety of educational and industrial applications.


  • 0.25 – 200 kW Ventilated IP23
  • 0.25 – 40 kW Totally enclosed IP44 – IP55


Ambient temperature range

  • Standard -20°C to +40°C
  • Extreme -40°C to +60°C

Manufacturing standards

  • Manufactured and tested in line with the requirements of EN60034-1.


  • Generators – Foot flange with D type flange to IEC dimensions
  • Motor-generator sets – Close coupled or bedplate mounted

Drive shafts

  • Parallel key-wayed, splined and tapered shafts supplied