Wound Field Motors

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The range of wound field motors offers designs for fixed and variable speed applications, for either single or multi motor drive requirements.

For variable speed drives motors, are designed for precise speed control over a wide speed range either by armature voltage control or field weakening. Characteristics of the design are the excellent commutation, fast response time and generous short time overload / over speed capability.

Supply and output

  • Available in a supply range from 24 – 600V with outputs of 0.25kW up to 40kW on totally enclosed motors and 200kW on ventilated machines.


Ambient temperature range

  • Standard -20°C to +40°C
  • Extreme -40°C to +60°C


  • Available in totally enclosed IP54 and ventilated to IP22.

Mounting arrangements

  • Available in IEC metric frame sizes with IEC, NEMA or custom flange / face mounting, with or without feet. Special mounting and shaft configurations available if as required.

Manufacturing standards

Manufactured and tested in line with the requirements of EN60034-1.

Optional peripheral equipment 

In-line or right angle drive gearboxes, pumps, brakes and tacho-generators or encoders can be supplied fitted.