Specialist Motor Manufacturers

STS Motors combines the expertise of three major UK specialist motor manufacturers BKB, EPE and Tuscan – with more than 100 years background in the design and manufacture of motors and generators.
About us

Professional and Expert Team

Our staff are carefully chosen for expertise. Their attention to detail makes our motors highly reliable when it matters most.

Low Volume and Bespoke

One size doesn’t fit all. STS Motors works with a wide variety of industries to deliver to their own unique requirements.

STS Motors Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of DC motors, these include permanent magnet motors, explosion-proof motors, wound field motors, traction motors and DC generators for a wide variety of industries and applications including railways and transportation, petrochemical, power generation, materials handling and automotive.

Based in the Midlands, STS Motors serves customers across the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

The company offers a range of standard motors but specialises in bespoke designs, working closely with clients through design, development and production to meet their particular needs. The company is a leading manufacturer in the specialised area of explosion-proof DC motors.

Explosion-Proof Motors

STS design and manufacture ATEX and IECEx certified explosion-proof motors that are used in hazardous locations world-wide.…
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